20 Signs You’re a Fiction Fanatic

Are those new books I smell?!

Ryver Knight
7 min readJun 3, 2021
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Books are full of magic — like tiny flattened worlds tied up into volumes. Reading a book is like biting into the most decadent chocolates or taking in the most breathtaking views.

Many people have trouble appreciating writing because it can be difficult to digest. But if you’re a book lover, you know what I’m talking about. You may find yourself relating to many things I write in this article.

Starting with…

1. You forget that the passage of time is a thing

What’s that you say? It’s time to eat breakfast?


Lunchtime? Dinnertime?

Pshhhhhh, who needs that?

Five centuries later, as the world crumbles to ash.

*Looks up from book*

Crap. I forgot to eat.

2. You buy merch that you know you’ll never use

Ah, yes. That mug you bought yourself with Aelin from TOG illustrated on the side…

Or the beautiful pack of twenty bookmarks, with a printed quote from V.E. Schwab’s work on each...

Or the An Ember in the Ashes poster collection…

Whatever happened to those?

3. Your mannerisms change to match the book you’re reading

Reading Stitching Snow by C.S. Lewis?

You might find yourself acting a bit more tough than usual.

Reading Graceling by Kristin Cashore?

Well, what are you waiting for? Get out the assassin’s garb!

Although you don’t completely immerse yourself into a character, you may pick up a bit of their voice. Even the way you respond to situations can shift temporarily.

I’ve experienced this firsthand with YA romance. I find myself sometimes telling jokes or goofing off in a way that is akin to the lighthearted manner the characters in my books do. It’s akin to how you might pick up gestures or phrases from a good friend. It’s always temporary, and I go back to my usual, boring self after a while. But it does happen!

4. You freak out over beautiful character art

Those artists know what they’re doing. Because when they draw main characters, I swear they capture some holy essence in their art. Or maybe they just put in a ton of glowing effects. And abs, if we’re being honest here.


If you’ve bought all that merch, you probably can relate. Art is addicting. And freaking out over it is exactly something a fiction fanatic would do.

5. You smell books



What are you talking about?

I don’t smell books. I’m a proper, civilized human who knows how to comport themselves in modern society —

*deeply inhales the smell of new books*

Ahhhhhhh. That hit the spot.

6. You mispronounce words because you’ve only ever read them





In your head, it may make perfect sense. You may even think you’re a bloody genius.

But as soon as it’s spoken aloud, it sounds like absolute gibberish.

Sorry — the truth hurts.

7. You’ve mastered the art of walking around with a book blocking your vision

Muahahahaha! Watch my superior spatial awareness skills in action, young one. This level of greatness is reserved only for the chosen ones. I shall navigate the world through a veil of fiction authors —

Ouch. Who put a damn wall here?

8. You deprive yourself of sleep because the book is just. So. Damn. Good.

10:00 p.m.: Maybe I should go to bed. *continues reading*

11:00 p.m.: Maybe I should go to bed. *continues reading*

12:00 a.m.: Maybe I should go to bed. *continues reading*

1:00 a.m.: Maybe I should go to bed. *continues reading*

2:00 a.m.: Maybe I should go to bed. *continues reading*

3:00 a.m.: *finishes book* Maybe I should go to bed.

4:00 a.m.: Maybe I should start on the next book in the series!

9. You have fantasies of being a fictional character

Hell yeah! Let’s go. I’m all in for the warrior princesses, baby!

Or, even better, give me kickass magical powers. Especially if they’re like super superpowers, like controlling darkness or time or something.

And when your favorite characters say those spicy pieces of dialogue, it’s golden. If you had the time, you’d probably record them in a notebook for reference.

The drama, the romance, the humor…

It’s fun to fantasize.

10. You have more than one book boyfriend

You probably have thought way too hard about this. You’ve pondered whether Rowan Whitethorn is superior to Elias Veturias. You’ve had deep thoughts about Prince Maxon and Aspen Leger.

Books — especially in YA — are full of love interests that aren’t humanly possible. So it can be difficult to decide sometimes between the brooding assassin and the fiery Fae prince.

Also: book girlfriends. I’m not sure if they exist, but they are included in this segment if they do. Having more than one book girlfriend makes you eligible for true bookworm status.

11. You can finish a book in a day with no problem

Or two, or even three. Trust me. I’ve been there.

If I get absorbed into the book and the world it offers, I will get that book done in no time. And if you’re a bibliophile as well, you’ve probably experienced that as well.

Maybe you just read Illuminae in one sitting. Maybe it was one of Rainbow Rowell’s books. Whatever it is, it was great, and you have no regrets.

12. You defend your favorite books as if they’re your babies (because they kind of are)

Carl: I hate everything written by Holly Black.

You: Screw you, Carl.

Carl: Seriously. Her writing is terrible. I wish she never became author.


You: *starts plotting Carl’s death*

13. You have trouble figuring out what your favorite book is

I’ve had this happen to me a gazillion times. People — teachers, nonexistent friends, peers — ask me what my favorite novel is.

But, alas, their question is never satisfied.

You may have experienced this before as well if you read a ton of books. Especially if you’re the type of person where the book you’re currently reading becomes your favorite read by default.

There’s also the fact that people’s reading preferences change over time. Once upon a time, The Teddy Bears’ Picnic was my favorite book. It’s a pretty damn good book. There’s suspense and action, all set in a spooky forest. But I can guarantee you that wouldn’t be my top choice today. The more books you read, the further away you get from naming The Teddy Bears’ Picnic as your favorite book.

Thus, a fiction fanatic probably has trouble figuring out their favorite book because of the sheer quantity of books they have read.

14. You repeatedly check release dates

As if staring at it will somehow make the books come out earlier. I’ve tried — it doesn’t work, unfortunately. The universe is not on your side on this one.

Especially when there’s no release dates at all. Then you’re just left in a state of perpetual anxiety, wondering when the author will announce them.

If you’re an avid reader, you know what I’m talking about.

15. You understand that the book is always better than the movie

Or the TV show, in some cases. I feel like some rare cases exist where the scriptwriters capture the essence of the story, but nothing compares to the feeling of crisp paper beneath your fingers.

Plus, with television, you only get only half of the experience. In a book, you can feel what the character is feeling, taste what they’re tasting, and smell what they’re smelling. With a movie, you can only hear and see what’s going on. You don’t get that preview into the characters’ minds.

So yes, the book is always better.

16. You knowingly destroy your eyesight

Who knew that reading for hours on end could kill your vision?

Pfft. Not me.

Or that reading by the light of a pitiful lamp at night could strain your eyes?

Ha. Ha. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

It’s true, though. Although I’m blessed with 20/20 vision, I fear I might have to get glasses because of how stupid I am regarding my reading habits. Books are fantastic, but reading too often (a key trait of a fiction fanatic) can cost your health.

17. You have strangely deep emotional connections to fictional characters

You cry when the main character cries. You laugh when the love interest laughs. You grimace when the villain grimaces.

I’ve been told that I even make strange facial expressions while reading as well. I raise my eyebrows in tandem with characters raising theirs. I mouth the words they speak. I smirk at awkward situations.

Also, when characters die… don’t even get me started. It feels as if a good friend is leaving you. Authors know how to break your heart and then piece it back together, and bookworms know that.

18. You hate it when people interrupt your reading

You’re reaching the juicy bit in the story when the main character is about to unleash some super-cool power and blow everything up, and then somebody decides to start talking to you.

Of course, you don’t want to be rude. But at the same time, you just want to get back to your book.

Like, hello? Can’t you see I’m a tad bit busy here?

19. Your TBR list is as long as War and Peace

Whenever you see a remotely interesting book…

Boom! It’s on your TBR list.

And because you’re obsessed with books, you start searching for more books. And you add those to your TBR list.

Hence, the case of the never-ending TBR list.

Or, you just buy a lot of books. This brings me to my next and last point:

20. You never have enough room on your bookshelves

No, no, you do have room, of course.

See, there’s a tiny bit of space there. If you could just…

Squeeze… that in… maybe…


Time for a trip to Ikea!

That’s it — could you relate to any of these things?

Maybe you’re just a casual reader, and that’s okay too. Books are precious. Even if you have time to read only a couple of books a year, cherish it! You may not identify as a “fiction fanatic,” but enriching your mind with literature can be a positive experience for everyone.

Or maybe you’re a non-fiction person. And hey, that’s cool too. Maybe immersing yourself into a new world is not required, and this one is just fine for your taste. Maybe you want to be the next Bill Gates.

With that, I’ll leave you be. Have a great day :)



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