40 Ways Learning a Second Language Can Change Your Life

  • how to say your name (je m’appelle Ryver);
  • how to name the fruits (pomme, banane, orange);
  • how to say your morning routine (je me brosse les dents, je m’habille, je me douche);
  • and how to cuss (…okay, that one was just me).

1. There’s a pandemic, so who cares anyway

2. It takes dedication

3. It’s tough

4. It takes time

1. Visit new countries

2. Experience new music

3. Use just internet connection and a quiet space

4. Discover new expressions

5. Read new books

6. Watch new movies and TV shows

7. Discover small creators (YouTubers, bloggers, etc.)

  • Natoo
  • Je ne suis pas jolie
  • Osons Causer
  • Squeezie

8. Meet new people

9. Open new job prospects

10. Focus better

11. Strengthen the connections in your brain

12. Learn more about your own culture

13. Improve your memory

14. Learn more about your own (primary) language

15. Better your ability to multitask

16. Grow humility and the ability to separate pride from learning

17. Grow confidence

18. Enhance your decision-making and critical thinking skills

19. Strengthen your creativity

20. Gain new perspectives

21. Increase your empathy and compassion

22. Develop a more positive mindset

23. Strengthen your sense of global geography and politics

24. Access more research and different types of research

25. Improve your general communication skills

26. Encourage constructive criticism of yourself, and self-improvement

27. Learn patience

28. Learn persistence

29. Stay motivated and determined

30. Become perceived as more interesting and impressive

31. Become perceived as more attractive

32. Teach yourself to listen

33. Raise your ambitions and aspirations

34. Make your brain bigger (literally)

35. Earn more money

36. Work better in teams

37. Become more flexible and adaptable

38. Enhance your musical ability

39. Learn even more new languages!

40. Acquire tremendous power




Writer. Student. Music lover. Bookworm. YA Fantasy author. Definitely not pursuing world domination :)

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Ryver Knight

Ryver Knight

Writer. Student. Music lover. Bookworm. YA Fantasy author. Definitely not pursuing world domination :)

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