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Who am I?

I am a writer on Medium, aspiring YA fantasy author, student, lover of learning, lover of all things bookish, and avid reader.

I am a fan of good TV shows, music, and tea.

I am a Facebook, Instagram, and Goodreads user, should you wish to check me out on those other platforms.

I am a crazy human with wild ideas, hopes, and dreams.

I am Ryver Knight, and it’s awesome to meet you.

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As a writer, you may come across many rules.

I’ve always found this funny because writing to me is an art. The scratching of pen on paper is like music to my ears. The smell of new books is contested by only the feel of crisp paper beneath my fingertips…

Our ancestors first used pictures, chiseled meticulously into cave walls. They spoke their stories, whispering of gods and spirits and curses. They danced and sung them with festivities and food.

After a while, they developed paper. Scrolls. Journals. Books.

Then came photography. Radio. Television. All of a sudden, music wasn’t…

Photo by Susan Q Yin on Unsplash

Books are full of magic — like tiny flattened worlds tied up into volumes. Reading a book is like biting into the most decadent chocolates or taking in the most breathtaking views.

Many people have trouble appreciating writing because it can be difficult to digest. But if you’re a book…

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The sound of heavy metal music crashes against my ears. As I gain consciousness, the sound gradually gets louder.

Half asleep, I stumble out of bed to my desk, where my phone lies. I switch off the alarm and stare, bleary-eyed, at my phone screen.

I check the time.


Hey there, neighbour!” says Bob.

Don’t you mean neighbor?

“Hey there, neighbor!” Bob corrects. “Sorry, I didn’t realise I was supposed to use American spelling.”

Realise? Ah, you mean realize. It’s alright.

“I was just about to tell you about this cheque I received yesterday. I swear, the colour of…

As an Ontarian, learning a new language is a familiar concept.

From the ripe age of nine, most of us start learning the basics of French:

  • how to say your name (je m’appelle Ryver);
  • how to name the fruits (pomme, banane, orange);
  • how to say your morning routine (je me…

The term “stress” was first used in a medical setting by Hans Selye in the early 1900s. He took the name from physical stress; the pressure exerted on a physical body. The term then went on to be normalized and recognized as an issue affecting both the psychological and physiological.

Our bodies are complex. There are so many moving parts — signals whizzing through our nervous systems at incredible speeds, oxygen-rich blood being pumped throughout our bodies in just seconds, and an adept immune system to keep it all safe and healthy. …

As time goes by and information travels faster, movies steadily improve their accuracy.

Yet, there are still some mistakes made time and time again, especially in medicine.

nastya_gepp, Pixabay

1. When an object is embedded in the skin…

Don’t pull it out! Don’t! Especially if you may make it to a medical professional in the near future.

The recommendation is that…

Ryver Knight

Writer. Student. Music lover. Bookworm. Aspiring fantasy author. Definitely not pursuing world domination :)

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